About Us

Who We Are


NGL Services offers smart, integrated support in business services area. We were born out of clients need who often struggle with streamlining their day-to-day operation. They often loose time and energy trying to fullfill supporting functions, instead of focusing on their primary business, or sometimes they simply face resources shortage. Whatever challenge it may be – we are here to help. Tell us what takes up time from your core activity and we will find a solution for you. We are a partner that is committed to support your growth.



Hybrid Model


Benefit from practitioners experience



We build cross-functional teams of highly experienced business professionals with background in consulting, shared service and in house operation departments and one of our biggest advantages is the ability to work together.

It means our clients do not need to get involved in cross-departmental discussions – we will work out the arrangements between ourselves.


Network of integrated services

NGL Group

The Group was created to be able to support our clients with complete solution for business.

Why? Because projects our clients are facing are complex an effective advice requires
a multi-disciplinary approach. 

The Group’s activities are focused on legal and tax advisory, business consulting, training and publishing activities, and support services for our clients operating both in the C&SEE/Baltics area
and on the global market.